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Shi between applications is how to work?

公布日期:2014-09-18 17:40

Silicon gel mechanism

Pointed out that in 2002 the international scar treatment guidelines: silica gel is recommended for first-line treatment of hyperplastic scar and gel is the only_澳门永利娱乐场②站 evidence_永利 basis based non-invasive treatment options,by world experts recommend at the same time for the treatment of scar andprevention of abnormal scar, and was recommended for first-line treatment of a wide range of scar.


Application of coatings can be formed semi occlusive barrier between applications, makes the skin can breathe and keep moisture. Application ofstratum corneum barrier function recovery between applications and reduces transepidermal water shunt (TEWL_永利国际娱乐网站). Adequate hydration helpsscar softening, smooth and calm.

Protective effect of

Application form between applications after use is not easy to fall off, do not interfere with the activities of the waterproof layer. It is not through the epidermis and dermis layer between applications, application of protectivescar formation sites from pathogens and injury, chemical and physical nature of the. This Protect environment makes into normal produce fibercells.

Regulating effect

Abnormal scar was caused by the non normal produce collagen fiber.Although research shows that silica gel and silica gel liquid can notpenetrate the epidermis, but the silica gel formation of normal fibroblasts,regulation of growth factor (bFGF), has been recommended for prevention of hypertrophic scar tissue.

Correct growth factor under or over, by programming the beneficial effects on complete repair, wound repair.